Lucid dreaming

You’re in a dream, and you’re aware that what’s happening isn’t real because it cannot possibly happen in real life. You keep making reality checks like pinching yourself so hard and not feeling anything, or scratching random parts of your arm and face and not getting hurt. You’ll try to focus on the sensation of pain but it’s completely gone. In reality you evade the pain, in the dream you seek it to achieve lucidity. You look at your hands and you have more fingers than you should. You keep away from mirrors because you’re afraid to find out how you truly feel about yourself. Even though the dream feels like reality in impossible ways, you still manage to find a loophole, to convince yourself that it is not real, and suddenly you realize it, that’s when this forceful awareness hits you, and you remember everything you’ve ever read about lucid dreaming, and the first thing that comes to your mind is to fly! And you do!  The awareness of lucidity won’t be so bizarre, but it’ll be familiar to you, and you’ll figure out that you’ve been lucid in your dreams before, you just never tried controlling what you did in them. In the morning when you wake up, you won’t know if you were making all of this up or not. All the certainty will be gone.


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